Creart for Christ is a
"Supporting you in optimising resources; time & finance to build thy Kingdom."
Post Covid-19 pandemic Australian churches digital media engagement facts:
video production
much more time
on social media
uses Zoom
for live groups
church goers
stay online

We understand that . . .


Media literacy and social connectedness have evolved. Congregation members consume high-quality digital media contents daily. Social media is an integral part of the community.


Small churches has limited resources & may not be able to afford the cost of digital design/media production project.


Hiring a full-time or permanent part-time content creator may not be a sustainable solution for fluctuating digital media needs - the church calendar may be at its peak during Easter, Christmas, but is less demanding at other times.

We provide wholistic digital media support . . .

  • Building tailored foundations for your church's digital media
    Building the church identity, creating user friendly editable service media templates & implementing content strategy to build the church's digital presence.

  • Providing monthly training & ready-to-use digital media assets
    Through monthly subscription, we'll provide seasonal & thematic contents & simplified digital media training for your team.

  • Providing one-offs/seasonal custom digital media content creation
    Supporting your church in its peak seasons e.g. Easter, Christmas, special events, ministry initiatives, custom sermon series.

Let us do what we do best to empower you to do what God has called you to do.

Acts 6:2-4
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We are passionate about the Kingdom of God and understand the dynamics of the church.
Our team has either worked for a church, volunteered in a creative leadership position for at least 3 years, or graduated bible/ministry-based college.
“A much needed support.”
Karen Stuckey, Virtual Pastoral Assistant, Church Support Australia
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